Why learn to code is important and recommended to everyone.

Before diving into why learning code is important I would like to tell you what is coding or programming. It’s a way to talk to computers in their language, the same as we talk to humans in our languages.

The whole world is going digital in every field and learning code allows us to remain literate in this digital era so that we can understand what is happening behind the mobile app you are using or the website you are visiting.

A few years from now, almost everything will be automated and it is already started happening. In the future people will only get a job if their skills are irreplaceable by machines and if they are really good at those skills, it means that low levels of jobs will no longer be there(i.e. Customer Support).

So for example, if Reliance a company selling automated stuff(i.e. Robots) then Reliance is the only company getting all the money. And if I wanna make money at that time then either I could work for reliance or build an alternative.

If you are a teenager or in your 20’s and choosing skills to learn then consider skills that can not be easily replaceable by computer.

In the era of automation, coding will be the number one skill in demand and which means it will be the highest-paying skill which it already is.

As time going coding is becoming a common language and the most important reason to learn code is to make sure that you can speak a common language. In this time learn to code is a skill same like English was to learn in India in the years 1970’s because at that time if you wanted to do business or work with foreigners then you had to learn English to talk to them and It’s same now that if you want to work with computers (Which will be compulsory) you should know the language to talk to computers.

Many people think that programming is all about mathematical and technical stuff, but it is partially right. Programming is also like any other human language like Hindi, English, etc. because it also follows a particular writing structure and grammar.

You can’t Lose Your Job to Automation If you are the one Programming the Automation.

So if you wanna be relevant in the era of automation then learn how to make things automated. Learn Coding.

Thanks for reading.




Computer Scientist who is curious to know everything about the universe.

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Ashish Kumar Jagrawal

Ashish Kumar Jagrawal

Computer Scientist who is curious to know everything about the universe.

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